Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mommy Blog Awards

I have so many readers here, but nobody seems to stick around long or leave a mark! I would LOVE if some of you could take the time to nominate me for the Mommy Blog Awards in the crafty blog category. I have shared instructions on making many of my items, such as washcloth lollipops, boo boo bunnies, and more, as well as articles on how to participate in a craft show, marketing diaper cakes and more. This would be a wonderful way to show some appreciation. Thank you so much!!

I made a tutu!

Not too bad for my first, needs improvement but it has potential lol. I am SOO excited about it though, I will be making a bunch of them for my craft shows now. I have been trying to think of little kid items I could make so I do not only have baby items. This is just one of the things I will be doing. So, the tutu now belongs to Brooke-Lynn because she likes it LOL, and here it is:

The next one I make is going to be double layered, shorter, and more pouffy!

Monday, September 21, 2009

How Would You Like A FREE Diaper Cake??

Well I am giving one away!!! Yes, you heard right, one lucky reader of one of my favorite blogs, The Funky Monkey, will win a two tiered boutique spiral style diaper cake from Diaper Cakes by Wendy! Just head on over to the giveaway here to enter, and be sure to check out the extra entry opportunities as well!

No Stealing!