Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wow, it Has Been a While!

Well, I am definitely sorry for being gone so long! It has been forever since I last posted and a LOT has happened since then! Some of you may have noticed my website is currently down. I have just suspended it temporarily because I am now in college! Woohoo! I am going for my Associate's Degree in Public Service, majoring in Paralegal Studies. I am actually working as a paralegal now, but very part time. :-) So, I definitely do still make my diaper cakes, washcloth favors, and even have some great new items that I am very excited about! Even though my website is suspended for the time being, I have my Facebook fan page, where you can see all of my new items (which you MUST check out, they are great!) or contact me regarding an order. Become a fan today!

I also have some other new and exciting news! As of last month I am an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay! In February, I was invited to a Mary Kay party by my uncle's finace Shelby. I was definitely reluctant to go, as I knew they were just going to be pushing old lady makeup on me, but I went for Shelby, and I drug my Mom along too. WOW! I was floored when I walked in and saw the Mary Kay lady, she was about my age! I seriously always thought Mary Kay was a bunch of old ladies in red lipstick (hey, I am just being honest!). I had such a great time and was truly intrigued by the amount of money this lady makes. PLUS, she is driving a brand new Equinox for free, because she earned it through Mary Kay. I went home and Mary Kay was definitely on my mind. I even talked to my husband about it and told him I was thinking about giving it a shot, he was actually all for it so that gave me hope! I had set up a day for the Mary Kay lady to call me, because I was interested in learning more. So she called me a couple days later and I decided to go for it. Problem was, I did not have the $100 to start. I told her I would call back when we got our tax refund. And I did. So I plunged in, and when I got my started kit a few days later I was absolutely amazed! There is hundreds of dollars worth of things in the box, plus a very nice leather Mary Kay bag. WELL worth the $100 investment!! Now I am absolutely in love with Mary Kay and call me crazy, but my degree will now be my backup plan. I will graduate next May and I am maintaining a 4.0 GPA so it will be a good backup plan, but I honestly plan on making my living with Mary Kay. That Mary Kay lady is now my Director, and guess what???? We became a pink Cadillac this month!!!! I am so excited, she is now waiting for it to be custom made and ready for her to pick up! Anyways, I have rambled on enough about that (and in case you are wondering, I easily make more in a week with Mary Kay than with my Diaper Cakes by Wendy). If you want to check out my website, learn more about the Mary Kay opportunity, host a themed party, check out the hottest Spring trends, or get a virtual makeover, click here!

Sooo, how are you guys doing?

No Stealing!