Saturday, November 28, 2009

Just wanted to warn readers of this fraud website, this person stole pictures from me and several other sellers of baby shower items, and made a whole website up with these stolen pictures saying she makes these items. As you can see, there are NO pictures on the website, which shows that every single picture she had up (there were hundreds) were stolen from somebody. She claimed public domain, but I just want to let everyone know something. Please visit the link below to read about "public domain" when it comes to pictures. Even if she did think she could use the pictures, taking people's pictures and then claiming to make the items yourself is a very good indicator that you should not be buying from this dishonest person. I work too hard to have someone passing my items off as their own. And YES, my pictures were watermarked, that doesn't stop some people.
Public Domain

Monday, November 23, 2009

Golden Corral

So, we had an AWFUL experience at Golden Corral yesterday, and I wanted to share it with everyone. I love going to Golden Corral for the food and the bread but I never get good service there. I do not expect it either, because it just never happens. I guess the waitresses feel like they don't really have to take care of you much since there's a buffet. Anyway, this one visit was bad. I am pasting below a copy of the email I sent them, it will explain everything.

My Mother, I, and my 1 year old baby went to Golden Corral on Forest Drive in Columbia, SC on Sunday, November 22 (today) at 4pm. When we arrived, there were no high chairs for babies available, so we sat down to wait for one to become available, which we were understanding about. I notified a manager (a white lady, not sure of her name) that we were waiting so we could be sure to get the next avialable high chair. Well, after 20 minutes, we saw a waitress pushing a high chair across the floor. So I got up and let her know that we needed it. Well she got nasty with me and told me it was for HER customers, and I told her we had been waiting for one. She rolled her eyes and walked away with the chair. So I went and told the manager that I had spoke to before and she got an attitude, she walked to our table and said she has no control over who takes the high chairs. My Mom got mad and told her we had been waiting 20 minutes for a high chair and had been unable to eat as we were holding the baby. As she was standing there, the other waitress who took the high chair came over and pushed it towards us very rudely. The manager said "see she brought it back!" and then went on to tell us how the other customers needed the chair more because their baby was smaller than ours and our baby should sit in a booster seat like most babies her size. I could not believe what I was hearing. My baby CANNOT sit in a booster seat, she is only 1. She would have fallen out if we tried to put her in one. I cannot believe how rudely we were treated, by the time we got to eat our rolls were cold and our tea was watery, but the manager did not care. I know my Mother is probably going to email you or call as well, as we were both absolutely dumbfounded at how we were treated by the manager and other employees there. I must say I never expect (or get) great service at Golden Corral (but I love the rolls and food so go anyway) but this is one for the record books.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Alpha Inventions

I actually found something this guy wrote about Alpha Inventions a while back, but never got to see it in action until today. then I started Googling it and apparently a lot of people do not like it. I don't get it.

Anyway, Alpha Inventions is not as complicated as so many seem to want to think it is. It is a "thing" that shows you blog posts from various platform as they are updated in real time. Make sense? Go to Alpha Inventions and you will see what I mean. It is like being subscribed to everyone's blog at the same time, which I think is neat because you could sit there and find something very interesting that you otherwise would not have found! You may fine your new favorite blog!

And for some reason there are a lot of people who don't want to be "included" in this. I don't get it. It's kinda like a search engine, and anyway, if you don't want people to see what you are writing maybe you shouldn't be writing it in an online blog.

I say, keep up the good work, I know that took a long time to do and I think it is neat. I hope those knuckleheads don;t bother you or get it taken down.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wal Mart Black Friday Ad

Wal Mart's Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) ad can now be viewed online here: Wal Mart Black Friday Ad
Wal Mart will open at 5am on Black Friday

At this website you will also find ads from Kmart, Lowe's, Old Navy, Best Buy, Office Max, Home Depot and more, for their Black Friday deals. After viewing Wal Mart's ad (because you know it's the best!), simply look to the right of the page and you will see links to the other store ads.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Awww my little baby!!

Awww Linda added a picture of my little princess Brooke-Lynn to her home page on her website, she is wearing one of Linda's fluff clips in her hair in the picture, it is SOOOO cute! Go check it out - and buy some bows while you are there!! Awwww
Linda's Hair Candy

Monday, November 16, 2009

Holy Cow!

So, if you have been a reader for a while, there was a post where I said I would show a picture of how my diaper cakes USED to look like, well I deleted them all because, well, they weren't that good lol. Well, I found out that Linda had a picture of some of my old cakes and a wreath! So, I am about to show it to you but you have to promise not to laugh too hard! I actually kinda like them still, but they are the candle rolled diaper style cake, made with LUVS of course, and they have baby supplies on them. I know they are a little hard to see with all the cellophane lol but comments would be much appreciated and probably laughed at. Do you think I have improved any?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Picture Time Again - Yay!!

I have a ton of pictures I would like to share with everyone, but I will just post a few. :) (If you look at all the pictures you will get a treat at the end of this post, promise!)

The first one is a set I did a few days ago - I LOVE it! It is a 3 tiered boutique diaper cake with a safari/jungle theme and 8 matching mini cakes!

Yellow ducky 3 tiered boutique cake

I love this one too, it is a Princess castle themed 3 tier diaper cake

Blue elephant themed 2 tiered diaper cake

Ladybug and dragonfly themed 3 tier diaper cake

Washcloth spoon lollipops

Boo boo bunnies

Baby washcloth bunnies

Washcloth/diaper candy rolls

And..... as I promised, it is time for your treat! I do believe this is the first picture I have posted of myself (I am not quite as yound as I look, promise!) on here. This is my little princess and I, and I am pretty sure you can guess where we are!


So, now that I have shared that, will you please share some comments? Thanks!!

Diaper Cakes for Older Babies and Toddlers

Just wanted to let everyone know I can also make diaper cakes for older babies (makes a great first birthday gift as the Mom still needs lots of diapers!), or toddlers (can make the cake with Pull Ups) as well! Also, I am more than happy to take requests for towel cakes (good bridal shower or wedding gifts) and diaper cakes as gag gifts for those 'over the hill', made with Depends (adult diapers). Makes a great conversation piece! If interested in any of these items, feel free to leave a comment here or head on over to my website and use the Contact Form. Thanks! Diaper Cakes by Wendy

Friday, November 13, 2009

Can Anyone Tell Me?

Why some people suck so much? Why, when someone else isn't happy with their life they feel the need to ruin someone else's? When, I am out here trying to do something good for myself and my kids, someone who obviously has no life and too much time on their hands feels like they should try to take it all away from me? Seriously, get a life already, if you aren't happy with sitting behind a desk all day working for someone else get off your ass and change it, don;t try to bring others down just because you are jealous.

I feel better now.

No Stealing!