Monday, January 21, 2013

Again it has been a while!

I see it has been almost a year since my last post yet again, oops! I have been so busy with everything I just don't get on here much. I am still in school, in my last semester now. I am so ready to be done. And call me crazy, but I will not be using my degree. I am going to stick with this crazy Mary Kay thing after all! I have grown so much since becoming a Consultant, and it has changed my family's lives. I am currently in Director in Qualification and will be a Sales Director by the end of March, hopefully sooner! 

My kids are getting so big! Bruce is 9 now and Brooke-Lynn is 5. Seems like just yesterday they were babies! This has a lot to do with why I am sticking with Mary Kay. As a paralegal, I could look forward to maybe $50,000 per year at the most, especially here in SC. As a Mary Kay Sales Director, I will be making much more. Plus, I have already touched so many lives, and in turn it is changing the way I look at the world. There are so many amazing women out there who no longer dream. They feel that the day in and day out same old routine is the only choice they have. I have a team of amazing women from all different backgrounds, all walks of life, some married, some single, some Moms, some college students. It is amazing what each woman brings to Mary Kay. 

Not sure what else to update on. I know there will be HUGE updates to come. I do still dabble in the baby shower items, but only on an as-requested basis. If someone contacts me to place an order I will fulfill it, but I am not actively trying to make a living off diaper cakes. That was stressful. It is something I love, but I only have so much time in a day, so now it is a hobby. With Mary Kay, I do not have to make the products so it is easy LOL. Plus, they treat us like princesses. I will be attaching some pics of my journey thus far. Enjoy!

If you would like to check out my website, feel free. You can do virtual makeovers, browse the products, and learn more about becoming a consultant. Wendy's Mary Kay (link opens in new window)

This is me in February 2012 and then again in June, after using Mary Kay products for only a few months. HUGE difference!

Trying out the Pink Cadillac - yes, they are real, and our unit has one!

Awards night at our Seminar in Dallas, July 2012

Awards night in Dallas, July 2012

Career Conference in Charlotte, March 2012

Lobby at the Hilton Anatole, where we stayed for Seminar in Dallas

Another pic in the lobby of the Hilton Anatole

Some gifts my Director gave me as a brand new Consultant. I have since earned a Coach bag, purse, jewelry and more. So nice to feel appreciated!

My husband Jimmy trying out the pink Cadillac - can't wait till we have one!

Limbo at a luau we had in our studio, was so much fun!

Some other gifts from my Director just for doing what I do :)

Luau at our studio Summer 2012

One of the many gifts I got at my Red Jacket Debut

Road trip from SC to TX!

Made it to TX!

The Italian restaurant we ate at in Charlotte, it was so nice, and yummy!

Luncheon I earned for Seminar July 2012

Bracelet I earned from corporate

Yummy! Earned this luncheon just for doing what I normally do!

No Stealing!