Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Very First Craft Show Pictures!

It was SO awesome and so much fun, I see this as a HIGHLY addictive thing, I already have 4 more lined up this year I want to do. This could definitely be my ticket away from being poor lol! I didn't make nearly as much as I spent, but I really want to get my name out there and for people to know who I am, and I think I got off to a great start! Most of the people who came by had never seen anything like what I had, so that was awesome seeing their reactions!! Then of course there were those who came by and said to themselves "Oh I can make this". Wow, how rude, and anyway they have NO idea what is in store for them if they were to try. It took a lot of work, stress, and headaches for me to get where I am now! This one I had a pretty boring setup, with a very expensive rented tent. I learned my lesson, I am buying a tent and will save loads of money over renting. Anyway, here are my pictures, I was able to borrow my Mom's new camera so the pictures actually look good, I REALLY need to get a good camera like that!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Getting Nervous!

So, the Iris Festival starts this Friday and I am getting so nervous! I don't have any diaper cakes made yet but I do have 24 boo boo bunnies made, 22 candles, a few burpcloth candies, a bunch of washcloth candies, and now I am working on the lollipops. I bought a lollipop tree for the festival, it is over 4 feet tall and holds 250 lollipops, though it is made for real lollipops so I plan on putting about half of that on there so they can be seen easier. I was thinking of getting 2 tables but I am not sure yet, I think I may take my small shelves instead to put stuff on. I don't just want to have two tables with stuff laying on them, just seems boring and I am not good at making displays look nice lol. Well, I really need to get to making stuff, I JUST got Brooke-Lynn in the bed, now I just hope she stays there so I can get something done!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

ChaCha vs. kgb_

So, I just saw a commercial for kgb_ on the TV and just wanted to let you all know about ChaCha. We do not advertise on the TV because there is no need to. With millions of users solely from word of mouth, ChaCha is by far the best answering service out there! Also, kgb_ charges .99 PER TEXT! While ChaCha is 100% FREE! Also, you will get better answers with ChaCha anyways. :)

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