Saturday, December 26, 2009

I am so crushed

I had a great Christmas by the way, and I am very grateful for everything I got.

However, we did not get the house we have been waiting so long to find out about. My Great grandmother passed away about a year ago. A few months ago we found out we may get her house. I was so thrilled, but it was between my Grandma and her sister, with their brother (the oldest) making the decision. Her sister wanted the house for her daughter, she is pregnant and the house her and her husband bought is a 2 bedroom. This is her second child.

My Grandmother wanted the house for us. We rent, and we cannot afford our rent, bills and food. We get the bills paid each month by scraping money together, but there is never any left for food. We scrape by and my Mom buys us a lot of food. This neighborhood is not good and getting worse by the day. I won't let me kids play outside. Our neighbors are always drinking and fighting, I am surprised we haven't heard gunshots.

Well today I found out that they are getting it, not us. I have never ever wanted anything so much in my entire life. It is right down the road from my Grandma, all family lives around there, we would have not had to pay rent, but would have still paid her some each month to help with what it would have cost her (since the 3 kids would have "split" the cost three ways), my kids would have been able to play outside, and I would have actually been happy. In this house, my baby stuff that I used for Diaper Cakes by Wendy takes up a whole bedroom, so my daughter sleeps in our room and has to play in my son's room. I am starting to think the diaper cake business is a huge waste of time and money and that I need to get a "real" job. I love doing what I do but it does not bring in any money. As much as we struggle, I feel like I have no business sitting at home each day trying to get somewhere with this "business" of mine. If I could actually sell some stuff I feel I would be happy because I love doing it. Jimmy is so awesome because he works way more than 40 hours a week, he is a welder and barely akes minimum wage, so he works his ass off just to pay bills and he feels bad that he cannot provide for his family like he should, but the company he works for got sold and they took away most of his pay that he worked so hard for. He doesn't pay in any taxes so his checks will be enough to cover bills, so I just know that when it comes time to file, we will owe money. I don't know what to do.

I am so tired of being sad. I am waiting for our big break but I don't think it's coming. We try so hard. I get sick to my stomach when I see some people, they steal, they sell drugs, they lie, they do bad things but yet they are the ones walking around with new clothes, nice cars, and money. And they are on food stamps so their families can eat too. We get absolutely no assistance from the government, nor do we want any. None of us have health insurance. (besides whatever it is my husband is required to have as a welder so when he gets hurt he won't sue)

What am I doing wrong here?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On Sale Page Updated!

I know I am a day late here, but my website's sale page has been updated. This week I am including my 3 tiered diaper cakes, my washcloth butterflies, and my washcloth spoon lollipops, enjoy! See it here: On Sale!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

YAY!!! I won a Zhu Zhu Hamster!!

Well, I didn't win it for free LOL that would have been nice, I bid on it on eBay and won it!! My Mom is getting me one tomorrow from Wal Mart but the limit is 1 per person and I can't be there so I needed to find a way to get another one, I paid a little over $14 for it, but I don't care!!! :) Now Bruce and Brooke-Lynn will have a fake pet hamster for Christmas LOL!! I think it's name is Chunk. I don't really care which one it is I just wanted one! Apparently Jilly the pink one is very sought after, people are paying like $30 for that, and they are only $8 in Wal Mart when you can find them!

Now if I could only find the accessories, like a house or a ball or something!! They are sold out everywhere!

Reborn Baby Doll Pictures!!

I promised more of the Reborn Baby pictures that Cyndi did, and now I have them! They are soo beautiful, let me know what you think! There is a more detailed post a few posts down about her and her Reborn Dolls. To see her current dolls, just visit This Link. :)

Earn Cash Back on eBay!

Someone I recently purchased something from on eBay sent me an email today for a site called Big Crumbs, so I checked it out and it's pretty neat, it is funded by eBay and you just earn cash back on things you would buy anyway. It is free so I thought I would give it a try, especially when I saw that the woman who referred me has earned over $1,000! I am not sure how long she's been a member, but WOW, that is awesome!! Just for going to this site before you bid or buy on eBay! To check it out, just click the image below! :-)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Reborn Babies

Have you seen or heard of these? If not, you are missing something wonderful! A reborn baby is actually a doll, but if you saw one with their parents out in public, you would most likely never know! There are many very talented artists who make these dolls out of kits, adding their hair by hand, painting their skin, adding even the tiniest details such as fingernails, all by hand! I cannot imagine the patience it takes to do such a task!

Anyway, I have had the pleasure of "meeting" (online) a wonderful lady who makes these dolls. Her name is Cyndi. She has ordered small lots of baby items from me twice now and I was curious to what it was for so I went snooping and found her beautiful dolls! They took my breath away! And this lady thinks I'M talented! I could never do what she does! Anyways, she sends each baby home with tons of goodies like pacis, cute clothes, accessories, a gift for Mom, and one of my cute washcloth creations! How exciting!

She currently doesn't have any babies listed but she says she lists about one per week. I am posting some pictures of her babies, they will astound you! After the pictures, I will add a link to her eBay page so you can check out what she currently has. She starts her babies low and has free shipping, allowing everyone a chance at these beautiful dolls!

Here are the pictures, sorry for the blurriness, I had to take them off eBay and I wasn't able to take the larger ones. They are used with permission however, and I will be emailing Cyndi for some pictures and I will post more later.

Amazing huh? So, like I said her name is Cyndi, and here is the link to her eBay listings, if she doesn't have any babies up when you look be sure to save her as a favorite or check back soon! Cyndisbinkies

New Page on my Website! SALE!!

Not sure why this didn't occur to me sooner! I guess because right now I am struggling and really need some sales to buy Christmas for the kids? This could actually bite me in the butt because the prices are so low that I will need more than one item (except the diaper cake) to be purchased for it to help me, but my regular prices are the same way anyway, so why not!? I can just hope that someone comes along and wants a bunch of washcloth lollipops, which I am selling for just ONE dollar WITH FREE SHIPPING! Also, my baby washcloth bunnies are one dollar with free shipping. My other item on sale is my two tiered undecorated boutique style diaper cakes for just $20 with free shipping! I am only keeping these on sale for one week, so if you want them, order fast! Each week I will change the current specials, gotta keep it new and interesting! Let me know what you think! Here is the link: Current Sales!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another Update on LOL

Well the site is back up and the pictures are still there, so if you missed it, here is it again. Thief!

Friday, December 4, 2009


Here are 2 of them. :) I have several but I was just taking pictures and I only took 2 when my camera batteries died! One is a burgundy and black one (for USC - Gamecocks), and one is a hot pink and green on for a newborn, it is not very fluffy lol!

Another Update on

The website seems to not exist anymore. I guess either one of the sellers who saw their stolen pictures did something about it, or she got a lot of emails and decided to take the site down all together. Either way, I am glad it is gone, but I will be watching that URL in case it comes back to life.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Santa's Market Craft Show - Columbia SC

Santa’s Market Craft Show – Columbia

Join us at Seven Oaks Park for the Santa’s Market Craft Show and Sale this holiday season. This annual event features unique gifts, charming decorations and one of a kind crafts. Complete your holiday shopping with items like art prints and paintings, hand-made jewelry, ornaments, painted glassware, holiday wreaths and decor and much more! Concessions will be available for purchase. General admission is free.

All Ages. Sat., Dec. 5, 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.

Seven Oaks Park
200 Leisure Lane
Columbia, SC, 29210
Tel: 803.772.3336

I will be there! I will have my diaper cakes, and many baby shower favors such as washcloth lollipop sets, washcloth bunnies and butterflies, washcloth candies, diaper cupcakes, boo boo bunnies and more! I will also have Christmas ornaments, tutus, fairy wands, hand made pillows from mini pillows all the way up to body pillow and doggies beds! My Sister in law and Mother in law will be there too, with hair bows, head bands, hair bow holders, quilts, embroidered items, pee pee tee pees and much more! Don’t miss it!

Scam alert update -

If you haven't read my previous post, read it first. I have an update. She has added pictures back to her site. Some of them she doctored, and they look stupid. Take a look at the washcloth baby dolls with the faces drawn on, how stupid does that look?? And she thinks that by putting "images courtesy of image sharing websites" at the bottom of her website makes it okay to steal pictures. It is not. That is not how it works, you have to ASK permission to use pictures AND give credit to the OWNER. Anyway, she is openly admitted she made NONE of these items, so I have no idea why she is even trying to sell these things, and outrageous prices at that.

If you make diaper cakes or any other baby shower gifts and favors, please take a look at her website and make sure she hasn't stolen any of your pictures. I have emailed her, but she refuses to take them down. Maybe if she gets enough emails she will get a clue and remove our pictures.

What a loser.

No Stealing!