Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm So Nervous

Like I said, I sent in the application for me and Linda to go to the York SC Summerfest and now I know I am going to be sooo impatient waiting for some kind of reply from them. I really hope we both get in but what I hope even more is that we can be directly next to each other. I was reading more about it last night ( Click Here To Read About It! ) as they have updated their website with more info since I last checked. I didn't realize the craft show was the main attraction of the festival, so that makes me more nervous! This festival attracts people from all over SC, NSC and more, bringing in what they expect to be over 50,000 attendees this year!! Holy cow! So, with Linda and I, we are going to have a 20 foot wide, 10 foot deep tent and have it set up like a store where people can come in and have different things to look at, instead of just boring tables lol. So, I figure, a lot of people will probably at least stop by. Say only half the people who attend even walk by our tent, that would be 25,000 walking by, and then say just half of those actually stopped and looked at our stuff, that would be 12,500. Ok, now say just a quarter of those people bought ONE thing, that is still 3,125 things we would have sold!! Are these the kind of numbers I should be thinking of? Both of our stuff starts at $1 so it is very affordable. I have only done the Iris Festival and There wasn't many people there but I still had pretty good sales, though I didn't make back what I spent. The attendance for that was SUPPOSED to be a couple thousand, but I only feel like I saw some hundreds. Then again it was rainy all weekend and Sumter is a small town, near nothing too important. From what I read, thousands of people come from Charlotte, NC alone to attend the Summerfest. If anyone has been to one that would be great, let me know what to expect! So, I am thinking I really need to start making stuff NOW, but first I have to get all my eBay orders out and at least get a little stuff made for the other flea market this Sunday. But between Sunday and August, I will be doing nothing other than making extra stuff for this festival. What are your thoughts on the number of pieces I should take with me? Also, I don;t know how many to take of what item, as I don;t really know what will be most popular!! Ahhhh what to do?!?! Oh, and then I have a friend who is most likely going to let us borrow a portable CC machine, so that will be even more sales for us!!!


Marisol said...

Good Luck !!!!

Sassy8722 said...

Thank you so much Marisol!! Feel free to come check us out this weekend, on Sunday. :)

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