Saturday, July 18, 2009

Got a lot done yesterday!

Well, kinda LOL! Linda came over and we spent the entire day making stuff, up until about 3:30am! I did get a diaper cake made (I hadn't planned on making any yet, but I wanted to see this particular one), two diaper wreaths, a whole bunch of butterfly bodies (will add wings later), and some cupcakes. Not too much for the entire day, but I had to get some orders out too, that's just all I did for the craft show. I should be making stuff now, August 22 is going to come quickly, but I will start for today in a little bit.

Now for my whining for the day. Why the hell can't people come up with their OWN ideas?? Why does everyone have to steal yours?? Mini diaper cakes, yeah they are super popular now, but when I started making them, I was the ONLY one doing it, now I understand sellers coming along and wanting to do it, but must you do it the exact same way as me??? Washcloth lollipops with pom poms - MY idea, now everyone does it. Single diaper butterflies - I started that too, now they are everywhere. I hate people who steal. Please if you have no creativity then you have no business making baby gifts for a living. Now I see washcloth baby dolls on eBay, they are UGLY but yeah they took that idea from me too.

Betcha can't do it like me, NO!

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Kisha White said...

I understand,but people just want to make money.I love everyone ideas and I share my ideas but no one should claim mines as their.I got a idea and I haven't. made my first cake,but I'm a artist so I come of with lots of stuff.Im just not a good salesperson.

No Stealing!