Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Very First Craft Show Pictures!

It was SO awesome and so much fun, I see this as a HIGHLY addictive thing, I already have 4 more lined up this year I want to do. This could definitely be my ticket away from being poor lol! I didn't make nearly as much as I spent, but I really want to get my name out there and for people to know who I am, and I think I got off to a great start! Most of the people who came by had never seen anything like what I had, so that was awesome seeing their reactions!! Then of course there were those who came by and said to themselves "Oh I can make this". Wow, how rude, and anyway they have NO idea what is in store for them if they were to try. It took a lot of work, stress, and headaches for me to get where I am now! This one I had a pretty boring setup, with a very expensive rented tent. I learned my lesson, I am buying a tent and will save loads of money over renting. Anyway, here are my pictures, I was able to borrow my Mom's new camera so the pictures actually look good, I REALLY need to get a good camera like that!

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mark lawrence said...

Wow!! Such an elegant craft show. Just in love with all your creative stuff. I am really interested in doing such things so visits some craft events too. Last month attended a craft show at one of Los Angeles event venues. Saw beautiful hand crafts there and got incredible ideas too.

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