Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Getting Nervous!

So, the Iris Festival starts this Friday and I am getting so nervous! I don't have any diaper cakes made yet but I do have 24 boo boo bunnies made, 22 candles, a few burpcloth candies, a bunch of washcloth candies, and now I am working on the lollipops. I bought a lollipop tree for the festival, it is over 4 feet tall and holds 250 lollipops, though it is made for real lollipops so I plan on putting about half of that on there so they can be seen easier. I was thinking of getting 2 tables but I am not sure yet, I think I may take my small shelves instead to put stuff on. I don't just want to have two tables with stuff laying on them, just seems boring and I am not good at making displays look nice lol. Well, I really need to get to making stuff, I JUST got Brooke-Lynn in the bed, now I just hope she stays there so I can get something done!

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