Thursday, April 16, 2009

How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks

I have 2 children. I was 100lbs when I started and got to 150lbs both times and had some awful stretch marks. I tried the Mederma, the Avon, and everything else out there, none of it works. It is a waste of time and money, I promise you. Read on.

First you need to understand what stretch marks are. They are beneath the skin. Creams will never get rid of them. They are very expensive and could contain many dangerous chemicals, which can be absorbed into your bloodstream through your skin. The answer is so simple you will be pleasantly surprised!

All you need to do is get some body scrub. Yes, it is just that easy. But, you will need to find some that had any extremely high amount of grit. This grit can be sugar, salt, mud, it does not matter as long as it is very thick. Preferably so thick that if you hold the jar upside down it will not pour out. Also, it should come in a jar. If it comes in a squeeze bottle it is not 'scrubby' enough.

Another alternative to the scrubby soap is a microdermabrasion cloth. These cloths are microfiber cloths like you use on your car or in your home, but you cannot just get any cloth, you must get a dermal grade one, or else you can badly injure your skin. These cloths may feel soft to the touch, but do not be fooled, they are like very fine sandpaper. They remove the top layer of skin. They work miracles when used correctly and you can find them online, I suggest eBay, as they have good prices. Please look around before deciding, some people try to pass off car detailing cloths as dermal grade when they are not, so be careful.

Now let me tell you how this works. Every day when you shower, just scrub your stretch marks. By doing this, you are sloughing off dead skin cells and revealing new skin. By doing this daily you will exfoliate to the point where you reach the level your stretch marks are at. Now your stretch marks will be more visible than ever. Don't worry, this means it is working. Now keep doing it daily. After a while, the skin layer the stretch marks were in will be GONE. Not masked, not hidden, but gone. At this point you can stop scrubbing and never have to worry about them coming back. But scrubbing is really good for your skin anyway and keeps you looking younger (ever wonder why men get wrinkles on their face later than women? It is because they shave, which exfoliates!), so you can continue.

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Pablo McDizzle said...

Wow I'm going to have to try this out! I have stretch marks but not from having babies lol.

Sassy8722 said...

Thank you, glad I could help! :)

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