Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Diaper Drive Update

I have an update and a picture of all the diapers I have so far!! A few great members of Wish Upon A Hero have helped me out with this drive. One member donated a dollar, which I took and added to and bought the first pack of diapers. Another member, Brandy, sent me two partial packs of diapers, about 50 in total. I have purchased 2 packs of diapers other than these as well. Today a Wish Upon a Hero member, Amy Wood, donated $4 which I took to Family Dollar and got a large pack of size 2 diapers with, they were on clearance for $5. The Walmart in Columbia, SC donated a $50 gift card!! With that card, I got 3 boxes of diapers (size 3, 5 and 6) and two packs of diapers (size 4 and 2). Another member of Wish Upon a Hero, Tamara, sent me a few sample diapers and Pull Ups they received. One other member has Pull Ups they can donate but no money to ship them with. It will be about $9.50 to ship them, so as soon as I have it (I am pretty broke!) I will be getting those donated as well!

So, to sum it up, so far I have 3 boxes, 6 complete packs, 2 partial packs, and 3 sample diapers! This is a total of over 5o0 diapers so far! It is so awesome to see how many people are willing to help! I am still aiming for a car full, please, if you can even just donate a dollar, it will go a long way! For every $2 I get, I will match it and buy a pack of diapers. If you have any diapers/pull ups/adult diapers/ feminine pads you do not need, please consider sending them to me. You can email me at Sassy8722 (at) yahoo (dot) com with any questions of to get my mailing address.

My original blog post on the diaper drive can be seen here. A picture of all diapers is below.

If you would like to donate, even just a dollar, you can do so securely here:

Thank you so much!


Anonymous said...

Your doing great Wendy!! I have a box of 96 size 3 diapers to donate. Keep up the good work and I know you'll end up with the car full that you want!!

Sassy8722 said...

Thank you so much Momma!! :-)

No Stealing!