Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Won $50!!!!!!!!!

I never win anything, I am SOOOO excited!!!!! I have been posting about Instant Cash Sweepstakes for a long time (and also have a widget on my sidebar), and have been with them over a year, and I have won a few cents here and there, and a few dollars here and there, but today I finally won the daily $50 prize!! I am SOOO happy!!!! Now, if you have not signed up yet, DO IT!! Instant Cash Sweepstakes Hey, who doesn't like free money?


Anonymous said...

I signed up using your link today! I hope that you get credited and congrats on your winnings! I have worked with ChaCha for a couple of years and Keyforcash for about 3 years. These are great things to do when you are a stay at home mommy!

Sassy8722 said...

Awesome, thank you so much and good luck! :-)

No Stealing!