Monday, January 18, 2010

My Colorful Treasures Web Design & Graphic Design

Look at my new button! I ordered it from Lisa at My Colorful Treasures Web & Graphic Design.

She is so incredibly helpful, I needed it quickly and she had no problem helping me with exactly what I wanted promptly!

If you need professional web design, a 125 x 125 button, banners, and more, head on over to her website today!


Gale said...

Hey! Like your new banner, and I'm familiar with the person who did it, only I only knew of her shop at Zazzle. I featured one of her Baby Shower cards with that design at - It had different colors than your banner. Think that design fits your shop perfectly!

Oh, but you might want to enable right clicking. I am surfing through WAHM-TRADE and can't right-click on your links to open them in another tab, which would be useful right now. :-) When I'm surfing an exchange that's usually how I save sites I want to look at further when I'm done you might be keeping people from bookmarking your site that way.

Sassy8722 said...

How neat! Thank you so much for leaving your comment!

As for the right clicking, will go enable that now. I have often wondered if it did more harm than good. I did that to try to stop people from stealing my pictures, but it is easy to get around. I am glad you mentioned it.

Thanks again!

My Colorful Treasures Latest Breaking News Blog said...

Wow! Wendy thanks so much for showing off the button I created for you and placing a link so that others can find me too! You are so sweet... I just love all of the products you create!

I have never had a shop on Zazzle... and I have never created any baby shower cards or anything. I create complete websites along with website, blog, top 100, eBay, or graphic designs.

I am see alot of good in disabling right clicking... If you disabled right click and someone really wants to bookmark your site... people are able to save your blog through the browser's favorites option in the their browser. All browsers offer people the option of saving a site.

Thanks again.... : )

With Sweet Regards...
Lisa : )
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Sassy8722 said...

Thank you and your welcome! :-)

Ever since I enabled the right clicking, it has been bothering me. I think I might change it back to the way it was before. I have had A LOT of problems and headaches over people stealing my pictures.

She must have had you confused with someone else, it happens!

Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment here, I appreciate it!

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