Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Factory Road Solutions Review

I love the idea of not using chemicals when at all possible so for the longest I have been looking for a good chemical free deodorant that actually works. Well boy have I found it! I was searching on eBay and came across Factory Road Solutions homemade all natural cream body deodorant. In the listing it says it is so effective you can skip a day. Of course I was skeptical because honestly I sweat a lot. I have bought all the super strong deodorants out the store, even tried Certain Dri, and nothing works. I will smell good for about 15 minutes after leaving the house only to smell funky a little later. And let me tell you, funky and flowery don't mix well! Soo I ordered this homemade deodorant, I didn't like the sound of any of the scents listed so I emailed the seller and asked if I could get just plain vanilla and they so graciously agreed to do this for me, much to my delight. I got the deodorant and used it after my next shower. It WORKS, better than anything I have tried. Of course I don't go out and sweat all day and work hard so I got Jimmy to try it too. He is a welder and works in 100 plus degrees all day long. Well, it works for him too, he loves it! I am absolutely taken away by this stuff and will NOT be buying anything else as long as it is available! Please go check it out and consider buying some, you will be doing something good for yourself (store bought deodorant contains aluminum, very deadly plus it can cause breast cancer and other bad side effects) but you will also love the way it works, I guarantee it!! Just go here to see the listing!!

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