Saturday, November 28, 2009

Just wanted to warn readers of this fraud website, this person stole pictures from me and several other sellers of baby shower items, and made a whole website up with these stolen pictures saying she makes these items. As you can see, there are NO pictures on the website, which shows that every single picture she had up (there were hundreds) were stolen from somebody. She claimed public domain, but I just want to let everyone know something. Please visit the link below to read about "public domain" when it comes to pictures. Even if she did think she could use the pictures, taking people's pictures and then claiming to make the items yourself is a very good indicator that you should not be buying from this dishonest person. I work too hard to have someone passing my items off as their own. And YES, my pictures were watermarked, that doesn't stop some people.
Public Domain


Anonymous said...

I went to that website but it says it doesn't exist.

Sassy8722 said...

Yes, as of sometime mid day yesterday, the website seems to have just disappeared! I guess either one of the sellers did something about it or she got a lot of emails and got scared and took the site completely down. Either way, I am glad it is gone!!

No Stealing!