Monday, November 23, 2009

Golden Corral

So, we had an AWFUL experience at Golden Corral yesterday, and I wanted to share it with everyone. I love going to Golden Corral for the food and the bread but I never get good service there. I do not expect it either, because it just never happens. I guess the waitresses feel like they don't really have to take care of you much since there's a buffet. Anyway, this one visit was bad. I am pasting below a copy of the email I sent them, it will explain everything.

My Mother, I, and my 1 year old baby went to Golden Corral on Forest Drive in Columbia, SC on Sunday, November 22 (today) at 4pm. When we arrived, there were no high chairs for babies available, so we sat down to wait for one to become available, which we were understanding about. I notified a manager (a white lady, not sure of her name) that we were waiting so we could be sure to get the next avialable high chair. Well, after 20 minutes, we saw a waitress pushing a high chair across the floor. So I got up and let her know that we needed it. Well she got nasty with me and told me it was for HER customers, and I told her we had been waiting for one. She rolled her eyes and walked away with the chair. So I went and told the manager that I had spoke to before and she got an attitude, she walked to our table and said she has no control over who takes the high chairs. My Mom got mad and told her we had been waiting 20 minutes for a high chair and had been unable to eat as we were holding the baby. As she was standing there, the other waitress who took the high chair came over and pushed it towards us very rudely. The manager said "see she brought it back!" and then went on to tell us how the other customers needed the chair more because their baby was smaller than ours and our baby should sit in a booster seat like most babies her size. I could not believe what I was hearing. My baby CANNOT sit in a booster seat, she is only 1. She would have fallen out if we tried to put her in one. I cannot believe how rudely we were treated, by the time we got to eat our rolls were cold and our tea was watery, but the manager did not care. I know my Mother is probably going to email you or call as well, as we were both absolutely dumbfounded at how we were treated by the manager and other employees there. I must say I never expect (or get) great service at Golden Corral (but I love the rolls and food so go anyway) but this is one for the record books.

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