Friday, December 4, 2009

Another Update on

The website seems to not exist anymore. I guess either one of the sellers who saw their stolen pictures did something about it, or she got a lot of emails and decided to take the site down all together. Either way, I am glad it is gone, but I will be watching that URL in case it comes back to life.


Anonymous said...

ok i looked at the site the other day when you posted it and seen some pics that i have also seen in another site and im thinking she didnt do them either. Here is her link check it out and also look how bad this girl is OMG youck i wouldnt let my dog wear the bows she makes and her cakes are just fugly!!!!!! lol have a safe and happy holiday season also lets see some pics of your tutus i also make them and love seeing what others have come up with. Good luck on being a stay at home mommy i love it and wouldnt do anything but it.

Anonymous said...

forgot the link haha

Sassy8722 said...

Hmmm most of those bows look like they belong on a present not on a head lol! Anyway, I would be more than happy to post pictures of my tutus, they aren't that good, never really thought anyone would care to see them but I am happy you are! Give me just a few minutes to take some pics and I will post them! :)

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