Thursday, December 3, 2009

Scam alert update -

If you haven't read my previous post, read it first. I have an update. She has added pictures back to her site. Some of them she doctored, and they look stupid. Take a look at the washcloth baby dolls with the faces drawn on, how stupid does that look?? And she thinks that by putting "images courtesy of image sharing websites" at the bottom of her website makes it okay to steal pictures. It is not. That is not how it works, you have to ASK permission to use pictures AND give credit to the OWNER. Anyway, she is openly admitted she made NONE of these items, so I have no idea why she is even trying to sell these things, and outrageous prices at that.

If you make diaper cakes or any other baby shower gifts and favors, please take a look at her website and make sure she hasn't stolen any of your pictures. I have emailed her, but she refuses to take them down. Maybe if she gets enough emails she will get a clue and remove our pictures.

What a loser.

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