Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Reborn Babies

Have you seen or heard of these? If not, you are missing something wonderful! A reborn baby is actually a doll, but if you saw one with their parents out in public, you would most likely never know! There are many very talented artists who make these dolls out of kits, adding their hair by hand, painting their skin, adding even the tiniest details such as fingernails, all by hand! I cannot imagine the patience it takes to do such a task!

Anyway, I have had the pleasure of "meeting" (online) a wonderful lady who makes these dolls. Her name is Cyndi. She has ordered small lots of baby items from me twice now and I was curious to what it was for so I went snooping and found her beautiful dolls! They took my breath away! And this lady thinks I'M talented! I could never do what she does! Anyways, she sends each baby home with tons of goodies like pacis, cute clothes, accessories, a gift for Mom, and one of my cute washcloth creations! How exciting!

She currently doesn't have any babies listed but she says she lists about one per week. I am posting some pictures of her babies, they will astound you! After the pictures, I will add a link to her eBay page so you can check out what she currently has. She starts her babies low and has free shipping, allowing everyone a chance at these beautiful dolls!

Here are the pictures, sorry for the blurriness, I had to take them off eBay and I wasn't able to take the larger ones. They are used with permission however, and I will be emailing Cyndi for some pictures and I will post more later.

Amazing huh? So, like I said her name is Cyndi, and here is the link to her eBay listings, if she doesn't have any babies up when you look be sure to save her as a favorite or check back soon! Cyndisbinkies

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