Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Page on my Website! SALE!!

Not sure why this didn't occur to me sooner! I guess because right now I am struggling and really need some sales to buy Christmas for the kids? This could actually bite me in the butt because the prices are so low that I will need more than one item (except the diaper cake) to be purchased for it to help me, but my regular prices are the same way anyway, so why not!? I can just hope that someone comes along and wants a bunch of washcloth lollipops, which I am selling for just ONE dollar WITH FREE SHIPPING! Also, my baby washcloth bunnies are one dollar with free shipping. My other item on sale is my two tiered undecorated boutique style diaper cakes for just $20 with free shipping! I am only keeping these on sale for one week, so if you want them, order fast! Each week I will change the current specials, gotta keep it new and interesting! Let me know what you think! Here is the link: Current Sales!


Anonymous said...

Just a little idea you should put on the sale page the day that the sale will end for the items listed. Or maybe say you will change the sale items every tuesday or somthing. Just thought it would help ppl know when they need to get the product before. Good luck plz dont be upset that i only bought one neutral boo boo bunny i only have one grandchild (FOR NOW).

Sassy8722 said...

Yeah I was thinking about that last night when I was laying in bed, I am going to add that to my website now, it will be changing each Monday. Thank you so much for your order and visiting my blog also! :-)

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