Wednesday, October 15, 2008 Review

On September 14 I placed an order with The order was actually from Amazon, not from a seller on there. I went there looking for a Sesame Street Slide N Play Ball Pit. I found it for $14.99, the best price anywhere! It qualified for super saver free shipping, but only if my purchase was $25 or more. Without this, the shipping would have been $12 and some change. So, my son's birthday was coming up. I found a Halo 3 action figure for $12.99 which also qualified for free shipping. So I ordered them both on the 14th. I feel I got a pretty good deal on the ball pit, though I have found the Halo figurines cheaper, but I did get free shipping! The two items were shipped seperately and they both arrived on September 19th! Very impressive arrival time. The products were in perfect condition like promised (new). The ball pit has been blown up since the 19th and it now outside, with no holes at all. The Halo figurine is a little worse off. He is missing a hand, seems to be made cheaply, because the hand fell off the second time my son played with it. Not Amazon's fault though. Overall, I am very happy with my experience with Amazon and would definitely order from them again. Oh, one more note - the ball pit shipping box was damaged upon arrival, this was by fault of UPS.

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