Friday, October 17, 2008


In my quest to find a good way to stay home with my children as long as possible, I have been searching high and low for REAL ways to make money online. I have found two great sites, and These are both companies that hire you for a real job to accept calls for various companies doing various tasks such as customer service, queries, orders, complaints, etc.... I applied with West because they seem much more flexible than Alpine. With Alpine, you have a set scedule that must be adhered to. They seem more strict about the hours per day than West. You are also connected to their headquarters your whole shift and need unlimited long distance unless you live nearby. With West, they simply forward calls to you while you are logged into the system and you incur no long distance fees. Also, with West, you can work 30 minutes here and 30 minutes there, whenever you are available. You still have a weekly scedule but you pick from the hours that are available. I know all this from research alone, as my application is still pending. West pays you per minute you are on the phone, but if you work your set hours and don't make at least minimum wage, they will make up for it. Alpine Access pays by hour, and start you at $9/hour. I think both sound great, but with me being a stay at home Mom I need flexibility. I am hoping to hear from West very soon though! :)

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