Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween III Season Of The Witch (1982) Movie Review

Warning: This review is a spoiler for the movie, if you REALLY want to watch this movie, I suggest you read this first, but it will tell about everything that goes on. After reading this, you probably won't want to watch the movie anyway. :)

I am a fan of the Michael Myers movies. So of course when I am at Wal Mart the other day and see Halloween III for $5 I got it. While in Wal Mart I was looking at it, and it said nothing about Michael Myers. Well I get it anyway. I take it home and watch it. In this movie, there is an evil toymaker who manufactures halloween masks in a little town in California. Each Halloween mask has a Silver Shamrock logo on it, which turns out to have a microchip of sorts in it. The toymakers plans are to have as many children as possible buy these masks and on Halloween night, have them watch a sceduled commercial in which the TV causes the chip in each mask to kill the child. He is trying to sacrifice hundreds of children around the world, hance the name Season Of The Witch. Witches used to sacrifice children. The only references to Michael Myers are a couple of time when a character was watching TV, the real Halloween movies would be playing.

I was very disappointed when the movie was over. Honestly, it was not even worth $5. Apparently John Carpenter only wanted to make the Michael Myers Halloween movies two movies long. He was trying to take a new direction in Halloween III. I am assuming he got a lot of negative feedback on this movie and this is why Michael Myers makes a reappearance in Halloween IV: The Return Of Michael Myers. This was a smart move on John Carpenters part in my opinion.

I almost fell asleep through this movie. It is like there are a bunch of dressed up evil IRS guys running around killing people, they turn out to be evil robots who work for the toymaker. Do not waste your money on this movie. Just go straight to Halloween IV, you will not miss anything.

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