Friday, March 13, 2009

Night #4 - Murad Acne Complex

I know I said once per day, but I wanted to write about something quickly. I used the mask again tonight, and it didn't feel the same as last time, it's like that exfoliating gel is doing good and sloughing off dead skin, because I can FEEL things on my face more. The mask felt good, like it was doing something, tightening pores and cleaning. Also when I applied the gel tonight, it burned even more than last night, I am glad though, because that means something is happening right? I hope so!

I think if this works I will be getting out more with these products. I did go out to the flea market once a few weeks ago but I want to open a whole baby booth out there and I honestly feel like if someone is looking at my items and I walk up to them my face will scare them away. :( It makes it really hard, and I think that is the main reason I am happy paying huge fees to sell on eBay, because I never have to actually see anyone!

Also, if this works for me, I will be making my brother buy some as well. He has also tried everything possible to help his face. I haven't seen him in months, as he is in California in his MOS school, and in October he has to go to Iraq but after that he should settle down for a while, and he should try this out! I am super worried about him going to Iraq, I hope Obama pulls everyone out of there like he is saying. My brother acts like it is no big deal and that he isn't worried, but I am!! He works with computers, so he says he will be more safe than the guys who go to fight, but still..... :(

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