Saturday, March 21, 2009

She is a Whole New Baby!

Brooke-Lynn is a whole new baby since I got the Hyland's Teething Tablets. She slept all night last night with no problems, and she has been so happy today. For anyone out there with a teething baby, get these tablets! They are small white tablets that dissolve instantly in their mouth. When Brooke-Lynn was about 3 months old I thought she was teething and I gave them to her then too, so they can be given to younger babies with no fear of them choking. They have no side effects and will not harm your baby. If you are unsure of them teething, go ahead and give it to them, it won't hurt anything, plus if you are unsure, it would be bad to be feeding them Tylenol anyway, for no reason. I try to stay away from the medications with her, because I know they are bad for her. I also stay away from the Oragel because it toughens their gums and makes teething worse because the teeth take longer to cut through the gums. All I can say about Hyland's is WOW! I also use the Hyland's Leg Cramp pills for myself and they are AWESOME! My legs hurt a lot from sitting at the computer all the time working, and these pills take it right away. They are also homeopathic, as is everything hyland's makes. A+++ for Hyland's!

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